1988 Honda Prelude

4WS Si 2.0L

Dual Overhead Cams

Manual 5 Speed

This I bought from a gentleman in Kansas, Jan 2004

This has the Hydraulic controlled 4 wheel steering system

Rather than my 1992 Honda Prelude which has the Electronically Controlled 4 Wheel Steering

They both work about the same but you can really feel the rear steering on this model


Some of the work I have done to Date:


Complete Shave to include Fuel Door 11/05

Repaired all rust 11/05

Custom Paint, can't really say what color it is, but it is a Honda base color. 01/06


Timing Belt

Valve Clearance

Alternator Belt

Power Steering Belt

Radiator Hose


Front Suspension Rubber

Front Brake Rotors

Turned the Rear Rotors

New Brake Pads Front and Rear

Oil Change w/Slick 50

Transmission Oil Change


Pressure Plate

Throw-out bearing

Re-surface flywheel

New Lower Driving lights

Removed Catalytic Converter

Removed Exhaust Manifold, installed Header

Removed Rear Spoiler and 1 of the 3rd brake lights (wired a resister for the light out sensor)

New Sony Head set

New Ignition - the keys were stolen

New Battery

Replaced the Clock, the set door was broken

Replaced the Drivers side mirror (old one wobbled)

Replaced the swing cover for the tape holder under the stereo

New Wheels and tires upgraded to 17" 215 45 17 better handling

Radiator Flush and refill

New Valve cover gasket

New spark plugs

New oil filter

New Fuel Filter

New PVC Valve