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Jeffrey Shawn


System Engineering - Management and Administration


  I have been programming computers since I was 8.


   I have owned and operated a Multi Platform Computer Network since 1998.


      I am looking for placement in an organization that can better challenge my skills and abilities on a daily basis as well as further my knowledge in network Engineering Management and Administration. I have been working hard to further my knowledge of networking systems and staying on top of the newest and latest technologies as they come available.

     For the past 3+ years I have been working in a LAN - WAN environment providing engineering and administration services to an internet applications provider.  I have been working with Dell Computer systems to include the entire Dell Product line of desktop computers, servers, and hardware.  I have learned all facets of Dell and Microsoft Clustering services and Load Balancing.  I have tested and worked with Load Balancing technologies provided by F5, Foundry, and Cisco.  Currently my installed and administrated servers are running MS Operating systems on Dell Computer equipment, MS-SQL 2000/2002 Clustering services, MS Clustering services for File Servers, and Auto Loading Tape Libraries for daily archives.  These systems support over 500 Database Driven client websites that produce more than 1 million visitors per month and millions of dollars in revenue.  When it comes to up-time, my systems were designed and built to be more than redundant and supply internet and LAN/WAN services 24/7/365. 99.999%.

     Currently I have deployed the New Windows XP operating system to my Local Clients and helped with troubleshooting and configurations.  I Have also begun testing and developing systems to work with the newest Server OS, .NET Standard and .NET Enterprise.  I am extremely proficient with IBM & Macintosh computer systems, Windows Server 2003, .NET, XP, NT, 2000, 98, 95, 3.11, and all associated applications as well as server administration, deployment, Internet Information server, as well as Apple Talk, Novell networking and client administration. I am versed with configurations and management of Streaming media to include Real Networks, Windows Media, and Quick time.  My latest certification includes, Microsoft Certified Professional.

    WAN, LAN, TCP/IP. Routers, Hubs, Switches, installations, upgrading, maintaining, as well as research and developing efficient networks. Teaching and producing well-rounded personnel has been one of my strong points since I was first introduced in to a full time IT environment.  People find it remarkably easy to learn new as well as old technologies with my methods of explaining and demonstrating ideas and concepts.

            I have worked as an HTML developer, Network Administrator, Network Webcasting Engineer, Director of New Media Technologies, and as a Network Systems Administration Engineer.  I have been  in charge of providing client and on-staff support, as well as researching and developing new ideas and methods for running efficient Networks, Webcasts, LAN / WAN concepts and systems.  My peers as well as upper management look to me for answers and solutions for methods and ideas that seem a bit "out of bounds" with typical thinking, but soon become a way of unprecedented success and efficiency.

I am proficient in the use of MSDN Visual building tools and editors, to include but not limited to Visual Basic, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl and other Scripting languages as well as Basic computer language. I have administered 645 off-site clients that depended on my server to enable them internet access to download new software and patches to old versions, I also created and administered the database for which users logged in and recorded problems or tasks to be assigned to our staff.

In addition, I own, host, and administrate my own Unix and Microsoft platform 1000bit server network to include DNS, mail, database, Internet services, e-commerce, streaming media, and domain hosting. This is somewhat of a homegrown hobby, which takes little of my time but has taught me a great deal in the setup and maintenance of  sophisticated multi-platform networks.

I am seeking a position that utilizes my talents and challenges me on a daily basis, which makes me feel like I am a contributing factor to a successful team. Relocation and or travel are not a problem, in fact I do well meeting new people and in new surroundings.

Following is my resume. Please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding openings in your organization.

Thank you for your time;

Jeffrey Shawn Cochran

5840 South 52nd Street apt. #6

Lincoln, NE 68516

Local: 402.421.0723 Cell/VM: 402.730.4646


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Jeffrey Shawn

Current Address:
6111 Queens Drive
Lincoln, NE 68

Former address:
2445 Founders Way
Herndon, VA 22171

Job Objective:

System Engineering - Management and Administration


Oct. 2000, Inc. / Lincoln, NE

    Network Systems Administration Engineer.  I was brought on board to better maintain, manage, deploy, and recover network resources., Inc. is an online college bookstore resource.    Before I was brought onboard, this company outsourced all network engineering and server administration. This has been a great opportunity for myself and, Inc.  I have been able to engineer new ways to maintain the over 500 database integrated websites with in this network infrastructure, as well as deploy an all new LAN and WAN infrastructure for our staff and clients to include .NET servers, XP and Win2K Clients, Clustered File and SQL servers, Mail Servers, and Training operations.

      Responsibilities - Expertise

          Maintain and Deploy Cisco hardware, and management of VLAN integration

          Administrator / Engineer of 14 Co-Located Microsoft Servers

          Administrator of 2 Sun / Solaris Fiber Channel Servers

          Administrator / Engineer 24 Server 52 client LAN

          Administrator / Engineer WAN; Lincoln, NE to Dallas, Texas

          Administrator / Engineer WAN; Lincoln, NE to Omaha, NE

          Administrator / Engineer WAN; Lincoln, NE uptown to Lincoln, NE downtown

          Expertise in all fascists of Dell computer systems (Perc, Drac, RAID, SCSI, Clustering,  Upgrades, Troubleshooting)

          Microsoft Windows .NET (Server 2003), XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, 3.11

          Macintosh and Apple Talk systems

          Clustering  and Load Balancing  Software / Hardware

          Back Office Server 2000, Exchange Server 5.5/2000, Biz Talk Server 2000,

          Site Server 4, Commerce Server 4/2000, SQL Server 7/2000/2002 (Clustered)


Sept 2000
July 2000

Strauss Radio Stragities / Washington, D.C.

    Director of New Media and Internet Technologies.  Hired to develop a new department in a well-established Radio PR Firm.  Strauss Radio Stragities is a PR firm specializing in the radio market.   I was hired to build a new department responsible for IT and media streaming.  This is a great opportunity as I am a proven engineer and administrator, as now I am able to apply this knowledge to a department of my own.  I am responsible for all hardware, software, personnel, and client contact.  This new department will be able to provide a broad range of services in the IT field to include but not limited to;  Internet Broadcasting (Audio and Video) Page and site design and maintenance, hosting services, network engineering and management, LAN and WAN deployment, and training.
The Investments fell through...


 July 2000
Feb 2000

TV onthe Web / Reston, Virginia

    Network Administrator, Network Engineer, and Webcast developer, Webcast Engineer.  I am currently employed for a small multimedia streaming firm in Reston Virginia.  My responsibilities include Engineering onsite webcasts as well as administration of a somewhat small (85 client) network.  I have successfully engineered new ways of "getting the job done".  I have implemented new techniques and methods in order to bring the success rate of this company's Webcasting from 1 for 10 to 10 for 10.  I find this type of work very rewarding and interesting.  I am currently working my way up through management and the directory of internet technologies. 

   The Company was bought and sold off.....


 Feb 2000
May 1998

Distributed Solutions / Herndon, Virginia

    Web Master, Program analyst, Production Manager, Computer engineer, Computer Programmer. I am currently the primary administrator in charge of six(6) Web Servers running a range of MS NT 4, MS 2000, Unix. I also administer four(4) Novell NetWare servers ranging from NetWare 3.1 to 5.0 and two (2) NT 4 servers with 30 clients ranging from windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT-4, NT-5, and NT workstations. Service and maintenance of routers, hubs, switches, T-1 lines, and other related hardware. Running knowledge of most all applications and software to include administration of networks, Intranet, Internet, traffic, and web sites. I am also actively taking classes and participating in seminars to further my knowledge and experience of computers and networks as well as involving end users. Please refer to my education* for further detail.


 May 1998
Nov 1997

EMG Electric / Bonita springs, Florida

    Employed as system analyst performing computer setup and maintenance. I also worked as an electrician's apprentice working on a seven-story condominium complex on Marco Island. I had the opportunity to learn the electrical trade and service of electrical components, which I think, works well with system engineering.

Moved back to Virginia.


Nov 1997
Feb 1997

Ruby Tuesday / North Trail Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

    Employed part time waiting tables and other general duties of a server in a family type restaurant. Went to school full time for a semester to gather college credits. Also worked another part time job.

Needed Full time employment.



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* Education:








Microsoft Certified 70-290 (MCSE Test 1 of 7) May 2004

Cisco Certified CCNA 2003

Dell Certified Technician 2002

Microsoft Certified Professional 70-216 2001

A+ Certified 1999




Pervasive Software





Tango - Implementing new Software and Databases 1999
Pervasive SQL Service and Support for Betrive v. 1998




Learning Tree International





JavaScript - Hands On - Unix environment 1999
Perl Programming - Hands On - Unix Environment 1999
Building E-Commerce Web Sites - Microsoft Environment 1999
Novell NetWare 5 Administration 1998
C++ Computer Programming - Microsoft Environment 1998




Northern Virginia Community College





Windows NT 4.0 Server Administrator 1998
Basic Computer Programming 1984




Edison Community College, Naples, Florida





Computer Applications and Programming Courses 1997




Radford University, Radford, Virginia 1~year





Business Degree Courses 1992-1993




Oakton High School, Oakton, Virginia





Graduated in 1992




*Certificates and References Available upon Request*





Current Work:



Other Related Experience:


 I started playing with computers as a child at the age of 6, at the age of 8 I took a Basic Computer Programming class at the Local Community College and received my first certificate.  I started into full time IT as a Network Software Test Engineer and rapidly grew into networking and internet systems.  I devoted a lot of my time into computer systems and networking and began building my first public domain network in 1998.  I have spent several years developing intranet works and HTML design and began a conscious effort to designing and building faster and better servers to handle client requests and Domain administration.  I have developed an expertise for Internet Services such as Time, DNS, WWW, POP, SNMP, FTP, and SFTP, HTTPS.  I have a great aptitude for trouble shooting and engineering, I like to apply my knowledge to everyday experiences to further my own knowledge and the knowledge of others.  I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it, and I enjoy working in a team atmosphere.  People look to me for answers, and I am always more then happy to help get those answers for them....




If any of my qualifications meet your needs, Please contact me at your convenience.

Jeffrey Shawn

Local: 402.421.0723 Cell/VM: 402.730.4646

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